With Host: Steve Arterburn

Founded by Stephen Arterburn, New Life Ministries provides biblical, Christ-centered advice though the New Life Live! radio program, a counseling network, weekend workshops, and a vast library of resources.


Mission Statement

Transforming lives through compassionately communicating God’s truth and connecting people into redemptive relationships.

New Life Ministries offers compassionate and empowering solutions to those who find themselves in life’s difficult places and who are missing what God desires for their lives. Family, friends, and churches want to help but are not always equipped to care for those dealing with problems like addiction, pornography, infidelity, anxiety, anger, fear, depression, and hurts from the past.

New Life combines a deep commitment to biblical truth with the best in psychological knowledge. We firmly believe that applying proven techniques for emotional, physical, and spiritual health is in accordance with God’s call to live in wholeness and redemptive relationships. And, we’re not afraid to share our own struggles, because we’re all on this journey together.