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Featured Program: Power In The Word

Join Host Pastor Derick Evans Tuesday at 5:45 pm

Featured Program

Pastor Derick Evans is the pastor at City of God Church International in Lansing. He has a passion for family spiritual and natural health, Discipleship & Building the Saints.

Pastor Evans has a weekly broadcast entitled Power In The Word. Coming very soon Pastor Evans will be starting a Youth Talk Program on radio and TV

City Of God Church International holds a prayer time each Sunday at 10:00am followed by a worship service at 11:30am.

Featured Program: Sanctified by Truth

Join us Wednesdays @ 5:30pm

Featured Program

Sanctified by Truth is a ministry of Dansville Baptist Church.

At Dansville Baptist Church, we take seriously the study of the Bible. We believe that we can only truly glorify God in as much as we know more about Him, His Word and His will. The majority of each service is spent in the learning and reviewing of Scripture.

Realizing that the fundamental purpose of the Church is the "equipping of the saints" our services and fellowship are designed to meet this requirement. Church is a place to "continue in the Apostle's doctrine", a place and time to "feed the sheep" and attend to the needs of our "wounded".

If you are looking for a fellowship with a focus on the Word and are hungry to get back to the true fundamentals, please join us in person or online at

Contact Dansville Baptist Church
1534 E Mason Street
Dansville , MI , 48819
Phone: 517-623-6020